Get Involved

Looking to get involved? You can help Indiana’s cats and dog in several ways: Donate, purchase a Pet Friendly license plate, share information about the license plate, or volunteer!


Guidestar Exchange, the national program that monitors non-profit organizations for legitimacy, has recognized SNSI at its Gold ParticGuideStar Goldipation level.  You can rest easy when donating to SNSI, knowing that your contributions will be put to good use and are 100% tax deductible. Consider a donation to help shelter overpopulation and save animal lives today! Learn about donation options.


Much of the success of SNSI is due to the amazing work of our volunteers.

The Pet Friendly License Plate

The Pet Friendly plate provides funds for SNSI’s vital programs.  It’s currently the #2 selling specialty plate and each plate Fix Emsold brings $25 to SNSI from. Every dollar of that money supports spay/neuter surgeries. Join the thousands of Hoosiers who sport the plate that tells others they love animals.


Make Others Aware of the Pet Friendly License Plate

Free materials, and downloads and widgets are available! You can download and print our materials (or contact us, and we’ll mail a stack of materials to you.)You can also share information about the Pet Friendly license plate by adding our widgets to your website. You can do this in a few simple steps. It’s easy and means the world to animals in need!

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SNSI posts information about spay/neuter and adoption specials, along with our own brand of humor. Follow us, as we’re sure to add a bit of fun to your day!